Uniting doctors and scientists

Located in the Marseille area, Epinext is one of the largest multi-disciplinary structures in France which focuses on epilepsy diagnosis, research and treatment. It brings together five established world leaders in clinical epileptology, fundamental epilepsy research and computational neuroscience:

This consortium builds on a long tradition of neurology research in the Aix-Marseille region and unites more than 300 specialists of international reputation and with a proven track record of global collaborative efforts in the science world and with industrial partners.

The goal of Epinext is to bring together real clinical cases and fundamental research, enabling interaction in both directions:

  • The clinical departments frame challenging new scientific questions and receive new ideas, tools and treatment options from the research teams.
  • The theoretical research teams can test theories in software and identify new concepts, subject to experimental validation.
  • The experimental research teams validate concepts and feed back new observations to theoretical research.
  • Technological and industrial partners provide novel tools to all groups, enabling experiments and patient treatments.

Keeping the balance between clinical and scientific expertise fairly equal not only guarantees a quick translation from the lab bench to the patient‘s bed but also results in sustainable discoveries, demonstrated by the large number of very high-profile publications of Epinext members, e.g. in Science group, Nature group, Cell group, PNAS, Annals of Neurology or Brain.

The Epinext group is funded publicly with grants from the European Union and the French government. This investment makes a lot of sense because epilepsy is causing costs of 0.2% of a modern country‘s gross domestic product (e.g. just in France 3.5 billion Euro per year). Improving the outcome of surgical treatment by only 5% would already save France 75 million Euro per year.

The FHU EPINEXT acknowledges the support of the A*MIDEX project (ANR-11-IDEX-0001-02) funded by the “Investissements d'Avenir” French Governement program managed by the French National Research Agency (ANR).